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Kamancha Restaurant has already opened its doors for all of you. The Caucasus style of the interior, the professional staff, the tasty kitchen and the atmosphere of the real Armenian hospitality are waiting for you every day at 23 Tumanyan St., Yerevan.

The Legend of Warm Meetings

Many years ago Old Yerevan was nestled on the spot where today’s Northern Avenue is perched. The Old City is long gone; the New City has erased all of its remains. In the same way, the story of one family could have been irrevocably erased, if not for this instance. Let’s travel back to the end of the 19th century. In the house of Ashug Gevorgyan joyful and warm atmosphere reigned in preparation with the reunion of all friends and relatives around the festive table for Christmas Eve celebrations. In those days, life was very turbulent, that’s why such gatherings in the circle of family helped temporarily hide from the hustle and bustle of life. After dinner, for which special traditional Christmas dishes were prepared, Ashug, following the traditions of his house, took out a kamancha and played the national tunes that were so warm and familiar to everyone.

Friends joined him – some started playing on tar, some on kanun, some started singing – and the evening acquired a special meaning, since all those who were present plunged into the magical world of music. And so it went on for many years, friends gathered together and spent a great time until the house of Ashug closed its doors and all the participants of those wonderful evenings left who knows where. Times have changed … but, fortunately, not forever. Alas, not everything that has been lost can be returned, but the recreation of the magic of old Yerevan evenings has become the guiding star of Armat Gastro Group’s team. The result of this “obsession” is the warm and cozy «Kamancha» restaurant, named after the favorite musical instrument of Ashug, who once lived in the neighborhood.


A Traditional Celebration of the Independence Day of Armenia 🇦🇲


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Unique Serving

I enjoyed a lot your fire shows called Burning Salt. It’s a great idea!

Alen Davtyan

The Restaurant with Most Armenian Colors ☺️

The Kamancha music and menu have no concurrents.

Mary Danielyan

One of the best restaurants👌

High quality service, delightful atmosphere, tasty food 👍👍👍

Ani Khachatryan

A Great Place to Have Business Lunch…

… in the afternoon and a really family friendly restaurant in the evenings. Thanks Kamancha team!

Samvel Arakelyan

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